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Welcome to Bodhisala Botanicals ,

Visiting this site will allow you to learn about all of our wonderful products, and how to use them to safely and effectively replace the poisons in your home and in the environment. Our mission is to remove harmful poisons that were originally manufactured for war and murder from our environment. Essential oils have two primary functions in nature; The first is to protect the plant by producing chemicals that are repellent and destructive to pathogens. And the second is to bring oxygen and other nutrients to nourish and rebuild the cells of the plant. We benefit from the properties of these oils in exactly the same way. The use of Bodhisala Botanicals will transform your life. The absence of illness,and allergies by using natural essential oils is both powerful and life transforming. Our use of Bodhisala Botanicals will shut down the polluting plants that produce poisons. Many communities have suffered both environmentally and have lost human lives because of these factories. Our use of Bodhisala Botanicals will also eliminate the tanker trucks that burn barrels of oil transporting these poisons. Together we will reduce our carbon footprint even more..

The use of Bodhisala Botanicals will eliminate the shipment of trillions of gallons of pure water and the environmental destruction caused by that transportation. Bodhisala Botanicals will allow us to occupy our environment in a safer and healing way. Our health is paramount to who we are. We are our environment. We are one with the web of life. We can no longer kill and poison. We have become too aware.                   

The use of botanical oils for sanitation and healing purposes is not new. From the earliest civilizations and through our present one, civilizations did, and still do, use botanical oils. With the increased use of poison and it's presence everywhere, the silent voice of natural healing is often drowned out by commercial interests. Purification of temples and palaces were traditionally done with these oils. Natural healing and superior health were achieved with these oils. The antipathogenic strength of these oils is well documented. The synthetic products are lethal. Essential oils are safe and healing. They do not cause germs to mutate as man made chemicals do. They were part of every physicians medicine bag until the takeover of traditional and multidisciplinary medicine by allopathic medicine, and the replacing of natural remedies with toxic pharmaceuticals. Essential oils were the basis of Coca Cola and the early "soft" drinks that were formulated by pharmacists for healing purposes. That was before modern medicine and the food industry perverted the purity of these products and turned their original design into poisonous concoctions. 

Together we are on a healing journey back to wholeness and balance.  


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